Smart Reopening™

Automate pandemic protocols and safe distancing

College campuses | Corporate campuses | Multitenant campuses

Intelligent distancing

Deploy, monitor, and control new capacity limits based on safe distancing norms for any space and location, in real-time.

New safety protocols

Apply and manage the various new health safety protocols for administrators and users based on usage and traffic patterns.

Anytime visibility

With several staff members required to work remotely, this provides on-site and remote monitoring of safety protocols, operations across spaces, services, etc

Real time alerts

View “hot spots” through heat maps to take action should the risk of non-compliance to guidelines begin to flare up.

Employee Self Reporting

Employees can report self health-check before coming in

Instill user confidence

Communicate real-time availability, sanitization alerts, new protocols to users to help them feel safe & manage their time.

Contact Tracing

We can provide contact tracing if need be, provided school provides an exception to privacy requirements.

‘New’ usage patterns

Track new usage patterns of spaces, services and facilities, to make operating adjustments for the ‘new normal’.

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