Student Affairs

A personalized, “smart” assistant to help better plan a student’s time and engagement across campus life.

Campus Wellness

Make it easy for students to find time for wellness by matching schedules with real-time availability.


Predictive intelligence for “smarter” decisions on all student facing services, resources, and investments.

Campus Services

Do you know what’s going on in your services and facilities? Intelligence on who is using what, when and for how long.


What if you had real-time data and predictive insights on all student facing services, resources and infrastructure?

Make smarter decisions to improve operational and cost efficiency, retention, and ROI on investments Now!

Higher Ed is a demanding business with ever increasing pressures on revenue, funding, student success and increasing operational and infrastructure costs.

As a stakeholder in running the business, enabling business decisions and/or technology on campus, the value of data driven decisions is invaluable, whether it is on the academic side of the house to drive student success, retention and graduation rates, but it is more so on the non academic side of the student and campus, as generally infrastructure and admin costs are significantly higher than instruction.

Our Smart Campus platform is uniquely designed to provide an end to end solution focused on the non academic aspects of campus and student success, that benefits both you and the students. Leveraging smart technologies with minimal effort and disruption on your end, we create, integrate, analyze data and offer up real time visibility as well as predictive insights and recommendations to drive Smarter Decisions all across.

Start Your Smart Campus Journey Today!