Student Affairs

A personalized, “smart” assistant to help better plan a student’s time and engagement across campus life.

Campus Wellness

Make it easy for students to find time for wellness by matching schedules with real-time availability.


Predictive intelligence for “smarter” decisions on all student facing services, resources, and investments.

Campus Services

Do you know what’s going on in your services and facilities? Intelligence on who is using what, when and for how long.

Campus Services

What if You Could ‘See’ In Real Time, What’s Going on in Your ‘Spaces’, Who is Using What Service or Facility or Equipment, For What, When and For How Long?

We transform millions of dollars worth of campus service areas and facilities into ‘smart spaces’ that provide real time, location based and predictive availability, wait times, delays and utilization to students and administrators.

Students can access this through the campus app or Cytilife’s ‘Smart Assistant’ to better plan their time and activities. While Administrators have mobile and/or desktop access to real time dashboards and predictive and trend analytics reports with visualizations.

Student behavior and preferences, and resource utilization data, can be used by schools to make better resource planning and investment decisions, and enhance student engagement, mental health and wellness and time management.

We deploy Internet of Things (IoT) sensors network in high-traffic spaces, such as Rec Centers, Libraries, Study Spaces, Maker Spaces, Labs, food courts, meeting rooms, commons areas, and leverage our cloud-based advanced analytics platform, to enable real-time and predictive data-driven decisions. We often combine this new data with existing data in campus systems to provide a more comprehensive and integrated view and insights.

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