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“There are a lot of benefits when we can use this system. When we ask someone to meet, we can check easily that there is a room available or not and then schedule for that.”

ZahraStudent at Georgia State University

“I think this is an essential tool, especially since it’s real-time. The interface is welcoming and easy to use. It’s also useful because it shows stats on how the rooms are used, so frequently used times are known. Saves me time. I can avoid the frustration of going to the room and not finding the equipment I need. Gives me options when I need a room in a hurry.”

BezaStudent at Georgia State University

“The Smart Scheduler saved me so much time this past week. I got so many things done!”

JennyFreshman at Georgia Tech

“I almost missed turning in an assignment I already completed. Thank gosh for the notification so I didn’t get in trouble.”

HannahFreshman at Georgia Tech

“It’s as if it knows everything about me and can suggest only the things I want to attend, I love it!”

JimmyFreshman at Georgia Tech

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