Student Affairs

A personalized, “smart” assistant to help better plan a student’s time and engagement across campus life.

Campus Wellness

Make it easy for students to find time for wellness by matching schedules with real-time availability.


Predictive intelligence for “smarter” decisions on all student facing services, resources, and investments.

Campus Services

Do you know what’s going on in your services and facilities? Intelligence on who is using what, when and for how long.

Our Engagement Model

Our Engagement and Delivery Model

We believe that becoming a Smart Campus is a journey, and we support you
through that journey through a 3 step approach:

Step 1: Our Upfront Advisory Service Helps Map That Journey.

This typically includes the following: An overall assessment, solution and use case prioritization roadmap, integration with existing systems or other requirements, data analytics and insights mapping, cost benefit analysis, timeline, stakeholder engagement plan including students, roles and responsibilities, deployment and project plan, plan to drive adoption by users, collaborate and support you for internal presentations for decision making and budget approval.

Step 2: 10 Week Delivery and Deployment Mapping.

Our Smart Campus solutions are built on and delivered from our cloud based platform, hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

● We provide an end to end deployment service which typically includes:

  • Solution configuration and branding for your campus.
  • Hardware selection and sourcing, ongoing support and maintenance for your campus.
  • Our team will come on site to deploy and test the IoT sensor network.
  • Configuration of the data analytics dashboards and reports, and training of users.

● We require minimal support or effort from your team.
● A typical base level deployment takes about 10 weeks from configuration and procurement to user testing.

Step 3: 24/7 Support of the Solutions and Analytics.

Since a Smart Campus touches the lives of students and administrators everyday, and at all times, we provide
● 24/7 ongoing support services to minimize interruptions to that transformative experience.
● We ensure that all data analytics dashboards are live and ready for use at all times by the campus stakeholders

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