Smart Reopening™

Automate pandemic controls to mitigate risks

College Campuses | Corporate Campuses and Multitenant Campuses

Three Key Solutions

Safe Distancing

Automating social distancing and health-safety protocols across all common spaces

Self-Health Assessments

Wearable-based, privacy-sensitive contact tracing

Contact Tracing

Auto-generated daily surveys with color-coded badge system

Anytime, Anywhere Visibility

With several staff members required to work remotely, this provides on-site and remote monitoring of safety protocols, operations across spaces, services, etc

Real time alerts

View “hot spots” through heat maps to take action should the risk of non-compliance to guidelines begin to flare up.

Instill user confidence

Communicate real-time availability, sanitization alerts, new protocols to users to help them feel safe & manage their time.

Data to Define a New Normal

Track new usage patterns of spaces, services and facilities, to make operating adjustments for the ‘new normal’.

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