Student Affairs

A personalized, “smart” assistant to help better plan a student’s time and engagement across campus life.

Campus Wellness

Make it easy for students to find time for wellness by matching schedules with real-time availability.


Predictive intelligence for “smarter” decisions on all student facing services, resources, and investments.

Campus Services

Do you know what’s going on in your services and facilities? Intelligence on who is using what, when and for how long.

Student Affairs

What if You Could Give Each Student a Personal ‘Smart Assistant’?

Save 2 hours, transform engagement and behaviors with real time suggestions, alerts & nudges, across all aspects of campus life, NOW!

Our ‘Smart Assistant’ is not your typical campus app.

Our Artificial Intelligence based ‘Smart Assistant’ app proactively collects, curates and personalizes all relevant information to amplify a student’s planning power and enhance their campus experience. Cytilife’s Smart Assistant updates in real-time, is anticipatory, and continually learns through usage behaviors. Staying always a step ahead of their needs and impediments!

Segment students by behaviors and choices!

You, as a Student Life stakeholder, now have visibility into actual student behaviors and choices across all aspects of their campus life and services you offer, in one place. Our solution provides data and insights to baseline current engagement, and define benchmarks for health and engagement levels. It enables you to segment students by preferences and choices, better match students’ with services or define new services, thereby saving time, costs and better engagement. Equally importantly, you can enable intelligent and timely, nudges, alerts, suggestions, incentives etc, on an individual or group basis , without sacrificing privacy.

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